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Reptile Rubber Skirt Material

Reptile Rubber Skirt Material

Wow! This new rubber will revolutionize skirt building. Many anglers prefer the action of rubber, but have been forced to use silicone due to the color pattern limitations and scarcity of rubber material. No longer. Now you can create skirt masterpieces with the rubber material you know catches more fish. This “round rubber” material comes in strips about 1 1/8” wide (35-40 strands) and is printed on both sides to give off that “reptile” effect. Be sure to mix colors for maximum effect! The sky is the limit! Great colors – great action – big time possibilities. Sold in 3oz packs – approx. 15 feet, enough for up to 50 skirts.

Sales Unit: Pack

Start at: $8.30 Pack

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